About Me

Hi, I'm Etta!

Etta started out many years ago making jewellery, before changing route entirely and going into retail.  She owned a maternity and baby shop in Edinburgh whilst having her children.  Since then she’s gone in a different direction, heading back to her creative roots.  

"I took up embroidery one day and never looked back.  In amidst sewing, I up-cycled the odd piece of furniture, for personal use.  It was then that I had the idea of combining the two medias.  

Most people think it’s weird upon hearing that I sew wood! To me it seemed entirely natural, if you can sew fabric, then why not solid items too?  I just love the juxtaposition between the materials.  I still had my jewellery equipment which was ideal for drilling the wood, slate, copper, anything I could get my hands on!  

From there I started to design and make embroidered artworks. I like to use bold and bright colours, both in the spray paints and embroidery threads. My canvas is usually wood or Perspex and my desings are intricate and geometric in style. I like to trick the eye from a distance, drawing the observer in so as to realise that the pieces are sewn and not drawn.

Along side this I like to source old, unloved items of furniture and reimagine them into contemporary, one off pieces. I do this by drilling and sewing carefully designed, unique patterns into the wood.

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